What About Those Edible Images?

Well, we print them for one thing. Edible images are pictures printed on a modified sheet of frosting that is set on a paper backing. It’s not spreadable like frosting, though. It can be handled like a delicate sheet of paper. Many of our customers ask for images on rice paper, but the images aren’t printed on rice paper, though we do have rice paper for sale.

How do i get such an image?

You can bring in a photograph – any photograph, really – and we can scan it and print it for you. You can also bring in an image on a CD or a flash drive and we can take the file from there. Remember, the better quality image you give to us, the better quality edible image you get back. If you don’t want to bring in a photograph, you can come in and look at all of the images that we are able to print.

We don’t keep any of our newest and most popular images in stock. We download them from our image company when the customer requests it.

how long is the wait?

It usually doesn’t take very long, maybe 15 – 20 minutes. If it will be longer, we’ll tell you. If for some reason we’re not able to print it that same day, it will be ready the following day.

You should always bring in your image ready to print. But, if you need some adjusting or editing of your image, we can do it for an additional charge. Also, we require 24 hours notice for images that need extra Photoshop work.

care and use of the image

We’ll give you the image in a plastic storage bag. Keep it in the bag in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight, and keep it flat. Although we believe freshest images are the best, you can keep the image for a week before using it, if kept in the correct conditions.

To use your image, simply take it out of the bag, lay it on the edge of a counter or table and pull down on one corner of the backing sheet until the image starts to loosen. Rotate the image until it loosens more and more.

You can then remove it from the paper backing, pick it up gently, and place it carefully on your frosted cake. The image should be put on the cake immediately after the cake has been frosted so it can more easily be absorbed into the cake.

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