Silver Dragees – Little Balls of Doom?

20130117-055010.jpgSo many people have come into the store looking for the shiny silver balls known as dragees. When I tell them we can’t sell dragees they are astonished. Until just a few weeks ago, I thought they were actually outlawed by law, but it turns out the truth is stranger than that.

In 2003, a lawyer in Napa County, California, started a lawsuit against sellers of the little silver balls because each ball contains small amounts of silver – you know, to make them shiny. Of course, any business he sues has the option of paying this attorney to settle out of court, thereby assuring that the public is once again saved from the evil of tiny bits of silver.

Perhaps this attorney, Mark Pollok, is looking out for the public good. Maybe he just found an easy way to intimidate large and small business to pay him money. Regardless, almost no one in California sell dragees any more.

Just so you know, you can buy dragees in any of the other 49 states, and in Europe.

If you want to read a newspaper article about the dragee suit, you can click this link to read an article from the San Francisco Chronicle.

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