Black…It’s the new Black (Melting Candy, that is)

Well, the Blommer Vivid Black Wafers have been discontinued. In its place we now have Clasen Satin Black Wafers. Clasen, the same company that gives you our awesome Navy Blue melting candy, now gives us satiny black melting goodness!

What will you notice about these new wafers? Well, first you will notice that they have a shinier finish (satin) than the Blommer wafers. Second, when melted, the texture is slightly creamier. And, last, the flavor still has that slight hint o’ chocolate. In my opinion there is a slight Oreo cookie flavor to this new candy melt. It’s good. You’ll really have to try it for yourself.

Like all of our darker candy, this melt has has visible scuff marks while in the bag due to being bumped around in transit. These scuff marks disappear completely when the candy is melted.

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