Tylose…umm, What is it?

“Tylose” has undergone a bit of a name change. It’s now called “CMC.” They are exactly the same thing, but CMC is merely an abbreviation of the chemical composition of the powder.

  • Have Fondant? Want a quick gum paste? Use Tylose Powder

Tylose powder is one of our  newer products. Some of our customers know how to use it already, but for those who don’t, here’s what you can do. You can use tylose by adding it to fondant to add strength to it so it dries hard like gum paste. This means that you can mold your fondant into delightful little sculptures that won’t sag!

It won’t make fondant taste any better, but that’s another story.

You can also make a transparent edible glue using fondant and water to glue your little sculpture pieces together.

How to use Tylose with Fondant

If you start by sculpting a fondant piece using a small amount of fondant, you can add Tylose in small amounts while kneading it. Just add a pinch of Tylose here and there – kneading all the while – until the fondant starts to become more firm, but not stiff or crumbly. Start small. You can then complete molding or cutting your figures or decorations as you normally would. Let dry for a couple of hours or until the decorations are stiff.

That’s all there is to it. You’ll now have non-saggy decorations.

If you need to mix a larger quantity of fondant then add 1 – 3 teaspoons of Tylose powder per 1 lb. of fondant. The amount you’ll add will vary depending on the humidity. The more humid it is, the more Tylose you’ll add.

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