Image of crisp pearls

Crisp it Up

If you want to add some pearls to your cupcakes for that extra bit of decorative flair, but you don’t like the hardness of regular sugar pearls, we urge you to consider our crisp pearls. These are beautiful and flavorful balls of pearly crispness that would be a great addition to nearly any cupcake or cake.

Instead of a sugar center, these pearls have a crisped rice interior which gives them a gentle crunch, adding texture to your treat.

While these extraordinary beauties don’t come in all the colors of the regular sugar pearls, they do complement most any color scheme, and they come in a few flavors. On the cupcake at the top of this page is the Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate Mix; at the very left is the Sea Salt Caramel flavor; next to that is the White Chocolate Crispy Pearl; you can tell the Orange Pearls and the Strawberry Pearls by their colors; and our most colorful crispy pearls are in the Rainbow Assortment.

We also carry (but they’re not shown) Gold Chocolate and Silver Chocolate pearls. These are chocolate pearls accented with gold and silver. They’d be a sophisticated addition to any treat.

Consider these simple and flavorful additions to your treats next time you decorate.

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